Pass me over

By now you have noticed that I am rather serious about my “song” series. I love music for what it did for me and how it makes me feel. And there are a few songs that have immortalized themselves with me. And Anthony Hamilton – Pass me over is one of those songs. I am a huge fan of Anthony and the music he makes, but as with every artist, there are a few songs that just stick out. This song has been on my playlist, from the first time I heard it, and it never left. This song to me is about finding that inner peace and being happy with who and what you are.

So when you find your inner peace, tell negativity “Pass me over”.

I am a huge fan of sleep, and I love being at peace with who I am. I also love it when people leave me be, which might be due to the fact that I’m a real introvert at heart. But regardless of what the reason might be, I just want my happiness to stay with me. I just want that inner peace I fought so hard for, to stay by my side. And “Pass me over” captures that feeling perfectly. And I tried my best to mold that feeling into a piece I could give you guys.

So if you can relate to loving yourself, and being at peace with who you are, then this one is for you. Face the truth of yourself by accepting what you’ve been through and what you’re capable of. Never let alone disturb the tranquil waters you’ve spent all this time building. Just keep faith in yourself and keep working towards that dream everyone else tells you is impossible.

If you liked “Pass me over”, I am sure you will love the pieces in this book.