Can I hold you?

From time to time you find yourself in a position where you feel pretty uncomfortable. And any time you can ask the question “Can I hold you?” is probably one of those times. And it’s in times like this that you want to just take the easy way out and wait till the moment passes. Some of us have issues with letting moments pass because we understand that moments never return. So you ask yourself “should I make a move?” The issue here is that if you do make a move, it can make the situation all the more awkward if you get rejected. And right then and there it’s up to you to decide how awkward you REALLY want to make it.

Because of the fact that most of us, after we get rejected tend to act rather childish to make up for the sense of shame. Luckily grown ass men can handle rejection a lot better than these young boys nowadays. Now that you have a sense of what I am talking about, let’s get down to the actual question being asked.

Can I hold you?

There is this stigma that friends have to maintain certain boundaries to maintain friends. I will say this, I agree. Because friendship often loses out to emotional attachments that are based on sex. But keeping that in mind, I feel that it should be possible to have a friendship based on mutual respect that allows for a certain amount of intimacy. I feel that it should be possible to say “Can I hold you?” without it leading to anything. “Can I hold you?” shouldn’t be leading to any kind of sexual activity, it should just be perceived as an invite to feel something more than distance.

Yet logic dictates that it is nothing more than a cheap come on. But sometimes, yes sometimes it simply means that a man wants to hold you. I know the myth is that our brain is on sex 90% of the time, but some of us have outgrown that mind state. Not all of us, so be careful out there.

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