The Tyranny of an empty room

Sometimes the darkness is heavy. Life can keep you in the dark because it feels like you should be there for a bit. And if you’re alone for too long, sometimes the silence can get pretty loud. And sometimes the sheer loneliness can be really heavy. And it’s at that moment that you can experience The Tyranny of an empty room. Some people try to act as if they don’t feel the tyranny or try to hide the tyranny behind Facebook posts. Some people try to drown the tyranny in alcohol and others just find company so they can break the silence. But for some of us, we have to just deal with it as it comes. We just have to listen to the words that bounce back from the walls that surround us.

And that’s where The Tyranny of an empty room was born. I’m alone for a LOT of my days, and with that comes the acceptance that I am alone. Yet sometimes that acceptance can fall, falter or damn near even break. And whenever I talk to people, they tend to tell me the same things. We all go through the same things. The Tyranny of an empty room isn’t something that is unique to one of us. Feeling alone is a universal emotion, but how people handle it is what is often different.

So how can you battle The Tyranny of an empty room?

Accept the fact that you are alone and simple accept that the room is empty. That would be the first step, because with that understanding you can work on accepting why you’re alone. Most people tend to think that being alone is really bad/sad. But being alone in my opinion is pretty damn healthy. Just don’t take it to the extreme and make sure you’re being alone for the right reasons. And don’t just settle for anything that could help break the loneliness. Just be OK with being alone, try being OK with yourself and try loving yourself. That will help reduce the tyranny you experience, or at least minimize the times you feel it. But that’s just my opinion.

This piece was one of the few that didn’t make it to my book, you can get by clicking HERE.