Hostile Takeover (Never Give Up!)

This was originally a poem that was just meant for the site. But sometimes, some poems deserve more than just being words on a screen. Sometimes they deserve a full blown video to make you feel it a bit better. Hostile Takeover (Never Give Up!) is more for me than for you. Because at times I feel like I am slacking off more than I should. I feel like I am using games and watching stuff is a mere escape from the responsibilities I placed on myself. So to make sure I get back to what I need to do, I wrote down some very simple words. And those words were:

“Hostile Takeover (Never Give Up!).”

It sounds very simple, but not giving up is freaking hard to do. Because comfort is so damn tempting due to the fact it feels so damn good. And the amount of excuses you can make to NOT do something is astounding. While the reasons to do something are often in the single digits. And that’s why I requested a “Hostile Takeover (Never Give Up!) from my motivation and dedication. And it’s super slow, but they are definitely still there working on making sure my mind and spirit stay up. It isn’t easy, its far from easy, but in my mind it feels like it’s worth it. Creating things you can look back at, is a great feeling.

Stacking your accomplishments through the year and then having that year end is freaking amazing. Because once you look back at all you’ve done, you can feel at ease that you didn’t just waste that year doing nothing but menial tasks for money. And that’s why I needed my motivation to give me this. That’s why I requested my inspiration to sit down and write this.

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