I have to say this (Dirty 30)

This video will be the only video that will have 2 versions. This is the raw version which has just me. And there will be another version, which will have the person I wrote this for intertwined into the video. Yes, I wrote this video for a friend of mine. She reached that 3o mark, and she felt a certain way. And she asked me if I could write a piece about how she felt. This required me to translate feelings into words. And I like doing that, but when they are not my feelings it’s even more fun, because its a real challenge. And that is why “I have to say this (Dirty 30)” was made.

I remember when I hit 30. It was just a regular day, because for me birthdays don’t really matter all that much. But for some people those numbers still matter. I lost the ability to care, when I asked my age to stop at 25 and it kept going. Luckily I set my goals accordingly, thus allowing me to reach them if I just work hard enough. And I never set goals that I feel aren’t meant for me. And that is why this was a challenge. Because now I had to step in someone else’s shoes and feel what they felt. And try to understand the frustration that comes with those feelings.

We all have dreams and hopes residing in our hearts.

And it’s those exact same dreams that allow some to push on and others to complain about what they don’t have. This poem was one of frustrations. This poem was one of pain, rage and sadness. This poem was born on the shore of where dreams crash. I have to say this (Dirty 30) is a poem written for one, but meant for all. If you feel a certain way because you’ve reached a certain age but don’t have what you feel you should have. This one is for you.

If you like “I have to say this (Dirty 30)” then I am sure you will like this book as well.