More than Anything!

Have you ever thought to yourself that you just wanted to be normal. Normal in a way that would allow you to trust someone with all your heart and not be scared out of your wits. Wanting to hold someone and not have that feeling of despair that they might want to let go. I think might actually want that More than Anything! Not even the concept of having someone love me, but me being able to love someone. Please dont get it twisted, Im not one of these people who just wants to love for the sake of loving. I want to love, because I feel that experiencing something that deep will allow me to grow as a person. Plus having someone love you and being unable to answer those emotions is painful.

But perhaps, I should learn how to trust again. Ive had some vile and I do mean vile beings stain my trust. But if I learn how to trust, I will learn how to love and if I learn how to love I will learn how to trust. The two kind of come hand in hand. But yes, I indeed want someone I can call mine and not have that urge to be single pop up to such a degree I actually listen.

I want to be able to love … More than Anything!

In case you missed it, this poem is based on the song “Rudimental – More than anything”. I loved this song from the moment I heard it. The whole concept of wanting to love but being unable to, is something most of us should be able to relate to. As with all my poems, it was inspired by something and created with a heart willing to listen.

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