If I ever fall in love

Did you ever think about why your relationship failed? Did you ever blame yourself, or was it all the other persons fault? Do you take responsibility for not doing everything you could do, or was it just that the other party didnt do enough. But you have to agree regardless of what the case may be … in the beginning they felt different. In the beginning it was all magic and it seemed their quirks were part of what made them beautiful. But now their quirks, just get in the way. And yet, regardless of how much their habits piss you off, you would still look at them with certain eyes that accept them as special. Because love doesnt just fade away, and if it did … it wasnt really love.

If I ever fall in love

So even if you hate that person, you should still be able to remember the good things about them. And that is what this video is about. It’s not about me wanting to fall in love, it’s not about me being lonely or anything like that. If I ever fall in love is a simple video I wanted to make because I know it will happen again. And If I ever fall in love again, I want to make sure that it will be the last time. So I am going to try to find someone with the right qualities. Someone who I can count on. If I ever fall in love again, I need that person to be able to work with who I am.

I have had so many discussions with people about relationships, and I tend to see a trend. They tend to think that their personality and way of doing things is the standard to what being a good partner is. Not fully comprehending that those things are things you give down the line. So what I want in my next relationship is start from the beginning. And not just in love, but in everything. I want to find someone who has most of the things you need in a relationship. And in my opinion … common sense … GOES A LONG WAY!!!!!!!!

So, If I ever fall in love again, let it be with someone who understands me. Let it be with someone who doesn’t think that being direct equals honesty. Let it be with someone who understands that there is a difference between giving your opinion and sharing your opinion. I could go on and on, but all of this is If I ever fall in love … again.

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