Sex Games

This one should speak for itself. I have written quite a few poems in my day, and Ive created more than a few stories in my life. But sex is one topic I dont tend to alot. This one came after a long time, so I feel like there is some rust on this one. But the rust isnt necessarily a bad thing, it just means I will have to keep writing these kind of poems. Because Ive heard that sex sells, so Ill just go in and write something I can sell so to say. Sex Games is based on a song from Case by the same name. I love that song, and I feel like I didnt do it justice just yet, so I might actually revisit it. Instead of the phone foreplay, perhaps I should focus on the real foreplay. And tell you a new story on how I do what I do when I do it.

Sex Games are a crucial part of life.

As an adult I have noticed that sex is a crucial aspect of life. Some try to take that aspect out of their lives and focus on other things. Which is a good thing, because you have to set your own priorities and not have them be defined for you. But for me, I like sex. And I love Sex Games. Because the act itself isnt about sex, everything leading up to it might just be. So as a mental challenge, what is sex for you about? Is it a tool? Is it a method to relieve yourself? Is it a piece of who you are? Does it define you? Do you have more to offer than sex? Hell, do you think you’re sexy? Most of these questions would make normal people very uncomfortable, but Im sure that you as my reader are better than normal. So Im sure you can drop a few lines on what sex means for you.

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