The 9 stages of depression

The 9 stages of depression is something I feel like I needed to make. Because if you read my stuff, if you listen to my stuff, if you hang out with me, you will soon realize that depression is something I’m familiar with. Now mind you, I don’t have all of The 9 stages of depression, but I do battle with one or perhaps even some of them. And for some reason, a certain amount of people who come into my life, suffer the same issues. They might be on a different stage, but they are all actors in the same play. So what if depression was a big company building, and the way depression affects you, has become actual people. Then we could just go in and kill them. Just imagine being able to fight your depression head on, without any medication just a simple fight. And if you lost, you can just try again. This might just be a bit too optimistic, but I don’t care. I want to look at things as if the cup is half full, because life will tell you enough times that you shouldn’t care, because the glass isn’t for you ANY DAMN WAY!

But this poem, I wanted to shed a little bit of light on The 9 stages of depression. Because I saw some stuff where people tried to downplay depression as if it was just a “mood”. Something you can just shake off and leave behind you. As if it was something you caught while drinking, and you can just sleep it off. Now mind you, I’m talking about the real depression, not about those people who just get caught up in a moment and feel sad. Because sadness will just pass, but depression isn’t some damn cloud that just float away with time. Imagine us going in and trying to take away or kill your depression for you. Wouldn’t that just be an amazing world?

If you liked this piece, I am sure you will enjoy this book.