You – I love you

Before you even listen to this poem, I feel like you should listen to the song it was based on Jesse Powell – You. You then will understand how great this song is, and how beautiful the message is he is trying to tell her. That is where this You – I love you is based on. Its based on the craving of wanting to love someone with all your heart. You – I love you is more than just simple words, its what someone who wants to be with someone feels like. I have been listening to this song for over 10 years, and every time I hear it, I still feel the same damn way. I feel this sense of jealousy and sadness that I dont have this. But that is when I place myself in this world, where I found someone. Where I feel all these beautiful things, and my heart is beating a million times per second. Where every emotion that runs through me has to pass through love first. And then love will decide if they can stay or if they belong, and love will keep me warm.

I truly hope that someone out there will hear these words and relate to them in a way most of us can only dream of. I hope someone out there, can look at the person they are with and say You – I love you. And mean every emotion, every implied action, every promise that comes with it. Because being who you are, and having someone accept that, is more than most of us will ever find. The beauty of love is that it forever sleeps in possibility. And yes, perhaps I have had the chance at possibility, but my hand or rather my heart isn’t suited for easy. I still hope that one day, I can say these words and have them said back to me.

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