From the first moment I heard the song Complicated by Robin Thicke, I fell in love with it. With the second listen, it went into my all time being able to listen to songs list. The third listen affirmed the fact that it should be my theme song. Complicated is one of those records that just makes you feel like he is singing about you. I felt like Robin spoken to some people around me, and wanted to create a song that fits the way my love life often goes. Either that or Thicke has the same problems I do. And that is that you want to love someone, but your very personality kind of hinders you at times.

It’s almost as if you want to love someone, but you dont want someone to be close to you. You want to make them happy, but you dont want to sacrifice anything. And then you get mad at yourself for thinking like that, and then you get mad at them for not understanding why you’re mad. But it all started from the fact that you wanted to love them. And then, then, you have  to apologize for being who you are, because they cant understand what you want or need from them. But all you need or want is understanding, that you can be just as crazy as them.

But what’s really frustrating is when they act as if what they want is really simple. The have these BIG plans, that are like these HUGE goals. But they refuse to tell you on what the little steps are to get there. Or they just overlook them entirely. And then they just want you to get on board with the nonsense of not knowing how youre going to get somewhere. Im telling you, being a romantic and someone who uses their logic to solve things does NOT go together. And that is why I have to tell people all the time, I’m Complicated.

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