Be careful out there

I don’t do too many of these, but it seems that the main stream media is on to the new one. But I still want everyone to Be careful out there. Because even if the main stream media is on something else, these cops aren’t. They are still doing what they were doing, and they are still doing it with impunity. When will we realize that these so called “protectors” are part of a system. Or rather they are the hands of the system that hates you. So when I say Be careful out there, Im talking about when you go for a drive. When you get pulled over, when they approach you for being black. When they show you that they supposedly have more “power” than you. When they try to strip you off what makes you, you. When they just let their hate shine through, and they just want to beat every ounce of dignity from you. I just want you to Be careful out there.

Police Brutality is real!

The thing I crave is that you come home and be safe. I’m tired of seeing all these hashtags, but what I’m even more tired of, is the names I see when I research this. I hate the documents I see when I google police injustice. And what scares me most is when you read the transcripts of what the COPS say happened. You also have these judges and politicians making these documents where they specifically target black males, and yet we stand here waiting for them to change. What do you think happened to all those racists when slavery was so called abolished. Do you think they just went into a cave and died down? No, they went into positions to ensure that even if we were free, we would still be “beneath” them. And the police … yes the police is the pinnacle of that in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion though.

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