All Ill Ever Ask

All Ill Ever Ask is the last poem in the series of poems based on a song. This one is based on the song by Freddie Jackson – All Ill Ever Ask. Yup they have the same name, I know its such a coincidence right? All Ill Ever Ask is extra special because its double inspiration in a way. Sometimes you meet someone that inspires you in a certain way. And then you want to see what inspires them, and see how they got to be where they are. And that person said that this song had a special meaning. So I had to go in and construct a piece based on All Ill Ever Ask. Its more of a thank you than anything else.

Now I have noticed that I love me some love songs. Because with this series of poems based on songs I love, Ive been writing me a bunch of poems about love and heartbreak. Which is pretty interesting, but seems pretty logical as well. Because at the end of the day, I love me some love. Im what you may call a hopeless romantic that ruins it by being too logical. But my intentions are always pure even if they get twisted into something else due to logic.

Now this was one heck of a fun piece to write. Because it was just a man promising the person he loves that he will be there for them. That he will care for them, he will enjoy them, adore them and just hold them in their hearts. Now I know these words are easy to say, but this is a promise. Meaning that the intent to follow up on them is real. And that is what I want to believe in, that someone can promise something as beautiful as this and actually mean it. And actually do it. But themselves aside, drop their ego, lower their guard and just be open and real and just love someone without conditions.

If you liked this piece, Im sure you will love this book as well.