The only change they respect

I am tired of this whole dignified suffering
We’re the only fools who can get raped, lynched and remain trusting
They have these grand tales of revolution and goal orientated destruction
While we have discussions and peaceful presentations of our opinion
Don’t we deserve a revolution?
They want to keep us in a state of constant confusion
Dazed from empty promises made by corrupt politicians
There might just be only one solution
And that might just be letting go of all superstitions
There is no one, and I mean no one, who is going to help us
For every leader we appoint they have a bullet to take him down
For every positive movement we create they have propaganda to take it down
We need something for us, by us without listening to the media
Tired of them distorting the truth out of fear for possible hysteria
And I’m disgusted by these coons dubbed black leaders who do nothing but pacify us
Tell us our rage is justified and they are indeed out to get us
But we need to stay calm and abide law
Skipping past the whole fact this whole system is flawed
How can you fight for justice in a system out to destroy you
How can you follow a law written by the people who oppress you
And how valid is a law if those appointed to enforce it don’t follow it
And exactly at what point do we say this is bullshit
And here is the thing, we’ve said it so many times and yet we still stay
We keep fighting their bullshit every damn day, and yet we still stay
Under the pretence that it’s the best place to be
And your decision slash information is based on what exactly
The news they give you, the images they show you, the stories they tell you
And you, you think all of it is true, because why would they lie to you
What would they gain from manipulating your reality
And you’re probably looking for a more introspective answer than money
Power, greed, fear
They placed so many hurdles for us to clear its impossible, so why keep going
Im not saying give up, Im just saying accept it will never happen
Let it go, let it go
They excluded us from the history accepted by the world
Twisted our image to such a degree our skin is a bad word
Never changed their ways simply got better at hiding them
And while we were gracefully suffering they were mastering the art of enslaving them
Throwing us scraps while preparing a feast of undefined proportions
And we sit here acting as if these were valid portions
Ever since Willie Lynch started his theory
The masters became experts in defining our reality
And we as the fools we are, played right into their hands
Let one uncle tom reach a position of empty power and we figure we all can
Keep our pockets empty but our hearts filled with faith
And tell us that the thing that could save us is a thing of hate
Our fancy words wont break their walls
Our pleas for help won’t make their empire fall
If we wish to change it all, we can no longer stall
The only change they respect is currency based
Or justified violence they can call misplaced
But we need to do something more than wait
Because soon, very soon it will all be too late
Stand up

I was asked to perform a piece through Skype and I decided to write something inspired by recent events. That is how I came up with “The only change they respect”. Because I seriously feel that the powers that be will only respect one thing. And The only change they respect is money, or changes based on currency. Because simple marches are like hippies having festivals. Its a nice vibe and all, but the actual effect on policies and whatnot are limited to none. So The only change they respect is based on how it will hurt their pockets.

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