6 Months 8 Days 12 Hours

What if its been 6 Months 8 Days 12 Hours since you’ve been alone. Where would you look, and how would you feel. Because I get rather frustrated with missing someone. It doesnt happen a lot, but it does happen from time to time. And when it happens, Im what you may call lovesick and extremely irritated. Because missing someone means you want to be with them, but the situation prevents you from doing so. And since Im a firm believer in creating my own destiny and situation, its my own fault I am missing someone. So picture yourself missing someone, and hating the fact that you are feeling that way. Its at times like that, that you tend to count the seconds. That you tend to count the days. Love can drive you crazy and keep you sane at the same time. Love can make you count the seconds and get mad at the fact they are moving so fast.

By now I am certain that you have figured out that this is based on the song by Brian McKnight – 6 Months 8 Days 12 Hours. I loved this song so much, I just had to create a piece that was inspired by it. I had to create something that would reflect how I would react if I were in that exact same situation. And by all accounts, I would have been pissed off. This is another one in my love song poetry series. There will be more videos to come but this one is a little personal as well. So that rage you are seeing in this video, is pretty darn real.

But the situation itself … the counting of the seconds. I honestly hope I never experience the urge to do that. I know that love has made me do some dumb stuff. And I know that love has put some cracks in my heart that even time cant heal. But luckily I have never been at this point.

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