Im still me

Yes, this is my latest one and I dubbed it “Im still me”. The reason for this title is because this whole poem was inspired by an old poem of mine. Its one of my old favorites and it was so fun listening to some of my old work, it inspired some new work to be born. Now let’s get to the point of Im still me. It means that I am still a writer, and Im still a poet. These two things will never change, regardless of what I might go through. And I will forever be excited by the same things, I will forever get happy from the same things, because no matter how the world touches me, Im still me. I try to hold on to that core inside of me, because I feel like, I am losing crucial parts of what I am or who I used to be. So I need to make sure that at the very core of my being, I can at least say “Im still me”.

Given, I am not as dark as I used to be. Im not as morbid as I used to be. Heck Im not even as sadistic as I used to be. But I still have that darkness inside of me. The issue with my darkness now, is that I have used it for so many of my stories that I kind of dont want to reuse it. And thus my writing has morphed into something that is a little strange to me as well. But I love it, because at the end of the day I am still one crazy son of a bitch. And I am still saving my darkness to let it explode in some other ways. No matter what life might throw at me, no matter what my future will hold, I will forever keep my humor. I will forever try to stay positive and keep it moving forward.

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