Are you still in love with me?

Some relationships are based on trust, some on mistrust. Some are based on love and some are just based on comfort. But either way you tend to grow accustomed to the person you’re with. And sometimes you take them for granted, because you feel like they belong there. But its at those moments that people tend to think that something new might be better. “Are you still in love with me?” is the question you ask when you feel like they are moving on while still being with you.

That is when you have to make a decision. Do you fight for the relationship or do you let it go. But letting go is easier said than done, because emotions become tangled up pretty easy and run pretty deep if you let them. And the longer the two of you stay together, the more you go through. The more you go through, the deeper your bonds will be. But the past isn’t always strong enough to make sure the glue of the future holds. And old promises made by a new face can be enticing.

Some people people just tend to fall in love all too easy. Even if they are currently in love, they can jump into another love pit. And that is when they fall out of love with the old one. I just wanted to make a piece that shows that. I wanted to write a piece that shows how painful it is to lose someone. And not just lose someone but slowly lose them. Feel them slip through your fingers as they take their love with them. And the only thing you’re left with is the pain and memories of what you two were.

Keith Washington – Are you still in love with me

This poem is based on the song Keith Washington – Are you still in love with me. I love that song, and I sing along with it every damn time. So I wanted to use all that passion I use to sing along and put it into some writing. And this is what came out of it. I am planning on making this a series, because I have way to many songs I love and sing along to. I need to make them mine!

If you liked this piece, I am sure you will love this poetry book as well.