Can you help me to get to settle down?

So I am not afraid to admit that I have been trying to settle down for awhile now. But for some reason, it doesnt seem possible for me. And that is when you have to ask for help, and the way I ask for help is very simple. “Can you help me to get to settle down?” I am asking for help here, because for some reason I keep getting lost and I have been walking for quite a bit. The great thing about asking someone is that they might just be able to help you get where you need to go. And you have to keep in mind that I hate asking for directions. But “Can you help me to get to settle down?” is more than just asking, it’s REALLY asking.

So yeah, this whole piece was me thinking about what it would be like if Settling Down was a place. And with it being a place, there will be a map. And if there are maps then there will be apps to help you get there. But what if there were flaws in your map, or you got sidetracked as you were walking to get there. And you know that EVERYONE would want to get to Settle Down. And you know that since Settle Down would bring in a LOT of girls, there would be a bunch of ass wipes trying to hussle those girls. And there I would be, trying to get to settle down with the right person. And have me a good time, heck might even try to move into Settle Down. It would most DEFINITIVELY be the most expensive part of town, but I believe it would be worth it. And that is why, “Can you help me to get to settle down?” is the motto for this one.  Because I want to settle down, and get off this damn Slut street on the corner of Single Ave. But its hard people, its hard.

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