Voices in my head

I have a bunch of stories that I have told, and Im pretty sure I have millions more than I am going to tell. But all of them are just a part of the whole thing called my insanity. And my insanity is due to the massive amount of Voices in my head. I probably have more voices in my head than most people. See what I did there, I just called all of you crazy. Voices in my head is me showing you what its like for me when I get down. I show you what it means what these Voices in my head are like once they get to talking. These conversations are as real as the ones I have with other people. Because in my opinion, these Voices in my head are real people in a certain way. Not the classical “real” but a writers “real”. And who I am to ignore the beauty of having the sheer luck of having a bunch of people willing to talk to me … EVERY DAMN DAY. Whether I want them to or not. They just keep talking to me. These Voices in my head are a nuisance and a blessing at the same time.

To be honest with you, I seriously slip up sometimes with which voice to listen to. And that is when I have to correct myself, but most of the times its already too late. Because by that time I will have made a fool of myself already. These Voices in my head can be freaking confusing. I hope Im not the only one with this issue, but I am sure Im not. Im sure that you guys have these voices as well. Im sure that you guys have these masks as well. And Im sure that you talk to yourself from time to time. How else do you get to know yourself?

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