I just dont give a fuck

I rushed past all those damn yellow ribbons they put up
I didn’t care when my shoe got stuck
Standing here, with one shoe and you dare to ask me if I’m sure
You’re like a doctor asking a patient if he truly wants a cure
I’m past dying I’m at a special place where I crave the understanding of me
Not the bullshit of who I am, but what circulates in those small particles of my soul’s energy
Tend to dismiss what isn’t a possibility so the sky is forever empty to me
My urges only valid if they can create any kind of opportunity
So let me pass, because this cliff looks too damn inviting to let slip
Don’t worry about the blood on my hands, that’s from a previous trip
The knife in my pocket is a mere souvenir from a misguided opinion
He proclaimed immortality and I intended to help him prove his conviction
The dried red stains on my shirt are from love that got twisted out of shape
No it wasn’t rape, it was just a simple misunderstanding of being too late
Too late to care, too late to help, too late to even be too late
And yet you still stand here, asking me if I deserve to leap
Do you truly think my will is that weak
That the mere hint of the night creeping up on me
Is enough to deteriorate my passion for insanity
Who do you think I am
You must be one of those fools who thinks everything is planned
Whose only comfort in this chaos is that there is an invisible hand
Well, this machete is to clip its fingernails and remove that sand
Because the desert left by its interference is what you call destiny
And I just told you, if there aren’t any chances its empty
Now move
If you wish to keep that apple in your throat
Or the river Styx will keep you afloat
Get out of my way
If you believe that your body has enough parts in it
Step aside
If you think that beat of yours has more hits to get
I will run, I will go and I will stop once my mind tells me to
This limit you represent is fiction, myth, lies, untrue
They say evil doesn’t deserve any remorse
But who decides whats evil? The winner of course
But how can you give the win in a game still in play
Evil has yet to be decided regardless of what the weak say
Let them scatter their empty laws, spread their corrupt smoke
I hope they inhale their own hypocrisy for once and choke
I crave freedom of it all
I need to fall
I need to fly
I need to feel the wind kiss my face
I deserve whatever is at the end of that place
I want to hear the clouds sing
I want my ears to ring
I want to explode from fear
I want to erode my sight till everything is crystal clear
Let me through
This has never been up to you
I crashed through walls they built in an effort to halt my pace
But my shirt pocket holds my lucky ace
Cant lose, cant stop, cant quit, cant go back
The darkness has always kept me on track
So let me dive in and see what it truly holds
Your weak warnings are but a promise yet to unfold
Stay away because so and so
Its dangerous, its not a place where you should go
You haven’t heard of such and such
The threats that lurk in the clutch
All of that is mere fodder for an army blind to flames
If this is truly the end, let my history carry my name
I need to move forward, I don’t care what might occur
That’s my word
I just don’t give a fuck

Yes, I just dont give a fuck is a about someone who is on the edge and wants to see what is down there. I just dont give a fuck is about that place where you end up once you realize what life is truly about. I just dont give a fuck is me letting my fingers write what they want to write. All I had was a title, and to be honest with you guys, it was going to be a different kind of piece. But then my fingers wanted to write a quick story, that wasnt too gruesome and wasnt too evil. And some of these lines … lets just say that they do reflect how I feel most of the time. Its not about I just dont give a fuck, its more of a its not important enough to me kind of thing. I bet most of you can relate to that.

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