Hi Haters

I’ve created a 7 month gap in between videos. And Im sorry for that, because I am sure that some folks are missing their weekly dose of Vino Venitas nonsense to keep their hate going. So I’ve finally set everything up accordingly where I am located to create some more videos. This is the first one, and in my opinion I am clearly a bit rusty. But now that I have figured out what it is, I should be able to give you guys some quality poems again. The goal is to do one every week like the good ol days.

Now, Hi Haters is a poem that I wanted to do because I have more than a few haters. And I feel like Im letting them down by not giving them stuff to hate on. Of course they can just hate on stuff Ive already done or mistakes Ive already made. But if you dont give them fresh material it will put some rust on their hate. So I decided to make something new JUST for my haters. This is the wake up video, so you have to thank the haters when you wake up.

And last but not least, I do wanna apologize for being so slow with these videos. But now that I have everything set up, we should be good. And now I can create some other videos as well. I dont wanna do the whole blog thing where I explain everything, I would rather just show you what Im about to do.  So Hi Haters I hope youre doing good. Hi Haters I hope your life is going exactly the way you want it to go. Hi Haters I hope this will get you back on your hating grind. Hi Haters I hope this will give you stuff to talk about, because Im sure that my past is getting a little redundant to talk about.

Now in case you just want to read some poems, GO HERE.