I’ll tell you later

You got me, I want more than they show in a movie
I want to transcend us and go back to you and me
I want to be at a loss for words
Because your curves thought it was where I needed to be
I want to glide over every inch of your frame
I want to hear your body moan my name
No need for words let your muscles tell me in Morse code
Let beads of sweat guide me on this road
Let me write this epic story in white ink
Let me go so deep I can feel what you think
Where it’s not about the amount of times you come
But the intensity of the one
Where our shadows take a break cause they can’t keep up
Where that good feeling has you feeling stuck
With my finger in your lips, ah I’m sorry I mean on your lips
If you have anything to say say it with your hips
Let my eyes tell you how much I crave it
Let my heartbeat sync with yours to beat us into where we’re headed
Send shivers down every zone capable of feeling
The only time I check out is to keep track of the kisses I’m stealing
I want to one day pay you back for every kiss I took
With a smile on your face, I call it my mental happiness checkbook
I want it to be more than just in and out
I want to know what each and every perverted fetish is about
Do things to you your dreams will be disgusted by
Leave you incapable of walking but feeling like you can fly
Find that spot that makes your knees weak
I want our passion to only be matched by your body heat
Then once again lose you and me to us and we
Until we become one, one single thing of beauty
But I can’t tell you any of this
Cause at the end of the day it’s still a mere wish
Separated by space and time
I just want you to know your on my mind

This one speaks for itself. I’ll tell you later is one of those pieces that expresses the frustration of wanting someone or something but being unable to get it. I’ll tell you later is the pain of craving something, someone has been teasing you with. From time to time, you have to do a sexy poem to make sure the world knows that there is still some goodness in writing.

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