Boycotting the Oscars

Who is at fault, who is to blame?

Is it Hollywood that keeps playing its game?

Is the studios who decide that black doesn’t sell

Or is the casting directors who put actors through hell

The silver screen has been ringing with the currency of a people lost

Whose accomplishments have been dismissed, discarded and tossed

Their place in history taints their position in the entertainment industry

And the Oscars merely reflect what the majority wishes to see

An organisation isn’t to blame for the pain of a race

Holding it responsible for society’s flaws is out of place

But that coin is double sided, as they represent a world of stars

Where our performances line the silver screen with golden bars

So we should be represented when the rankings are put up

Yet they cage us and keep us in the dark where we are forever stuck

They throw us a bone carved out of an ordinary stone and call it adjustment

Instead of accepting us into the ranks they create another lane of assessment

To reduce the insists whining and seem politically correct

They need something to keep these “outsiders” in check

Its not that their performance wasn’t up to par

But the ones that get awarded were ones that raised the bar

There is no set formula for greatness

But a story no one can relate to, is mere sadness

And production value counts, and that is where they usually lack

Maybe because studios don’t have their back

Or perhaps they don’t have any big stars to headline their movie

But color limits their possibilities and thus the list seems somewhat empty

But its not the fault of the Oscars, its the fault of perception

That little gold statue is nothing more than deception

Acceptance from those who placed you in the dark to begin with

A hand out of the darkness called illusion whose touch you will never get

While prizes and trophies remain ignored due to the size of the stage

Its as if validation comes from a check on this blank page

Holding them up to standards Hollywood dodges with every breath

A niche market that will eternally avoid death

Distort history and gain a prize

Ruin the truth and get praised for lies

This is what sleeps in the shadow of that gold frame

These are the screams of justice in pain

The boycott isn’t in, not going to the Oscars, its in not going to theaters

Its in showing them that our currency wont be placed in movies we aren’t in

Consumers dictate the market and not the other way around

Once a year is not enough for the fist of truth to pound on the door of profound insanity

Don’t boycott the Oscars, boycott the entertainment industry

With Stacey Dash making the statements she made, I wanted to see if I could find her reasoning in writing. I gave it a shot, and the BEST thing I could find in her logic is what Boycotting the Oscars is about. With Will and Jada doing what they did, and Spike Lee doing what he did. It makes sense that Boycotting the Oscars is something that might be a good thing to do. Because if you change the top, the bottom will have to adjust as well. And if you change the bottom, then the top will be forced to change. Either method is fine, but to leave things as they are is indeed NOT an option. So Boycotting the Oscars is a good thing if you ask me. But I do feel that they arent the only ones to blame. Boycotting the Oscars is a logical step that should extend into several areas of entertainment. So we should all be Boycotting the Oscars.

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