He is slowly coming

It’s the ever present high pitched screech
Of heavy metal being dragged across concrete
The muffled sound of steps in the dark
Known to never miss its mark
It moves at a slow pace
A tattered hood covers its face
It’s body engraved with scars, its eyes pitch black
His very presence puts the present out of whack
Unbecombered by the damage he has done or is about to do
He is determined to crumble every obstacle, he has to push through
His sledge hammer has scratches of past walls he broke
You can see the dents of a castle he rendered to smoke
He chases every bit of joy like a shark in blood infested waters
But his goal isn’t to devour but rather to test the waters
But his strength and strike improve with each wall he shatters
There is no forethought or malice, his mission is all that matters
The wind blows past him as light evades him
If it weren’t for the sound it would be impossible to notice him
But he is more than a myth, more than a story you tell
He is a reminder of your visits to a secret hell
By the time you realize that what you build is about to fall
It’s too late, for his hammer has already embedded itself in your wall
The dust frames his outline and the sparks reveal his grin
Truly a being that enjoys what it’s doing
And each time you hope, you think he won’t find you
You went far enough, you’re out of his reach, yet its never true
He is slow but relentless
There isn’t a trap, detour or technicality that can match this
The only way out is to accept and prepare
Perhaps the world is corrupt but this is nothing less than fair
So make your wall triple layered and don’t waste time on empty bricks
Keep in mind that duct tape is a quick fix but never sticks
Don’t hate the destruction, hate the weakness of your work
Consider the lessons learned as a bitter perk
Pain will forever sleep at the tip of his tool
The beauty of love is eternally cruel
The best plans are laid to waste by your own  hindsight
There are some things in this world you aren’t able to fight
Let your next wall, be one build by two
And perhaps a gate for him to pass through

We all hide from him
We’re all afraid of him
We all despise him
We all wish to kill him
We all try to ignore him
We all disguise him
We all try to forget him
Rarely will you find one who loves him
Rarely will you find one who accepts him

He is slowly coming is something I wanted to tell. It’s something that came to me before I fell asleep and I was caught in the whirlwind that is my thoughts. He is slowly coming is what it feels like when you want to do something but a thing haunts you. He is slowly coming is what it feels like when you want something but not everything is going your way. I am more than a little curious to see what you guys will think of this, because this is pretty darn true for me. And I assume that most people go through the same things one way or another. So I believe that my pain isnt unique, and my fears arent unique either. So having this creature chase me down, trying to destroy everything I build up, is something I hope others go through as well. Well maybe not hope but lets say … believe in.

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