I’m a sucker for it

It’s about the possibility of eternity
The chance of romance and true honesty
I see it all flash before me
Recollect kisses with their own theme song
I tend to dabble with insanity
But my passion is just too strong
I fall in love every day
I have an entire adventure worthy of paintings, poems and myths build around it
Build moments where every emotion known to man desires to stay
Where highlights are nothing more than scribbles you can forget
Because our love is inscribed in the soft wall that layers our soul
And fate, destiny and our will, all have a role
That is what I see, that is what I feel when I see you
The only issue is I don’t know you
And 5 seconds before you, I met the possible love of my life
And in the distance I can see the girl who is meant to be my wife
And I swear to you I just broke up with the one who made me weak in the knees
Because I possibly cheated on her with a girl who inspires me to climb trees
But the one behind you is the beauty that sets my heart ablaze
How do I tell you that you were nothing but a phase
This new one is the one who deserves every ounce of romance I can muster
Aw but her … She will never let our relationship turn lackluster
But did you see that one in the corner, she must be a beast in bed
Aw but her friend will be there for me when it’s all done and said
But the one in the black dress compliments my style
But the one in the red dress has that haughty smile
The one in the sneakers makes my heart skip a beat
Now with her I could fall in love but with her I would leap

I am lost in a sea of possibilities
A hopeless romantic standing atop a building of dreams
A realist with bones made of expectations
I fall in love with the possibility of love
Im giddy with the prospect of experiencing beauty
I hope for more than reality can give
I am tainted with an imagination that sleeps in possibilities
I will forever want someone to touch my heart
And I will wait an eternity … But in the meantime leave me be with the beauty of possibility

I’m a sucker for it and I always will be is about me loving or rather adoring the beautiful people that pass me by. The beautiful prospect of being romantic, the beauty of falling in love … I’m a sucker for it and I always will be. Because having someone to do stuff with is just so much better than being alone. Now dont get it twisted, I am ok with being alone, but that tingle in your stomach when someone excites you, is unique in so many ways. And to get that tingle … I’m a sucker for it and always will be, because I keep chasing it.

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