The best conversation ever

The sand nestled in between his toes
Found its way into every crevice of his clothes
The sun brought forth a gentle glint
The previous storm reduced its wind to a mere hint
And he laid there sprawled out like a starfish
Squinting at the sun as he mumbled I didn’t want this
His words stroked the cloudless sky as If to curse them
Yet none of this seemed to bother him
As he didn’t move a muscle
Perhaps exhausted from his previous tussle
He smiles a grin showing his understanding
A situation in which there is no helping
He is just happy to at least have someone to talk to
Like all men facing death he is talking more than he used to
And the other party does naught but listen
As he spills all he ever felt without any restriction
All his fears, secrets and true emotions
No longer cumbered by society’s afflictions
No need for keeping up a social mask
His heart beats with every question he never dared ask
Looks inside to see the truth waiting in the dark corner of his soul
Stares at a night sky devoid of stars as if they all went for a stroll
And left the odd man out, the moon seems to sob in silence
His imagination runs wild as if its begging for a quick dalliance
And he shares it all with a listening ear
The beauty of accepting yourself has become clear
To a man who hid behind false words and crooked promises
The beauty of just being honest is a surprising but pleasant twist
He shared his past, his uncle that touched him
The girl that broke his heart and forever scarred him
The fear he feels whenever he meets someone new
The pain of his mother not loving him the way a mother’s meant to
His anger with his father for beating her the way he did when drinking
The way he had to always lie about what he was thinking
Because no one wants to be friends with the depressed
The pressure of feeling like he was always being put to the test
The fear of not fitting in, or people around him founding out what’s inside of him
People seeing his true self was always the scariest thing
He hid behind the behaviour he learned through observation
Managed to hide his hesitation behind a solid imitation
To the point where he forgot his own being
And simply assimilated the image everyone was seeing
But with this ear he didn’t need to
With this conversation there was nothing he had to do
But be honest, be real, and be himself
And in that he found a fountain of wealth
A fountain of truth in which he could drown and find himself
There was no need to be worried about what the ear would think
To be stranded and awaiting death was never in his plan
But in a way he is happy because he had the best conversation of his life with a dead man

Its been awhile since I created a story. So I decided to do a piece called The best conversation ever. Now there are several ways you can go about having The best conversation ever. But I wanted to do something that you could relate to. The best conversation ever is something you can only have if you are truly honest. And the problem with being truly honest is that most people only dare to do it when they know they wont be judged. And since everyone judges everyone. having The best conversation ever is a hard thing to do. So that is why you can have The best conversation ever with someone who wont judge you.

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