Darkness never rests

The darkness never once rested it’s heels
Ran through the pain it feels
It was chasing a soul which made it drool
It was love at first sight yet it acted cool
Because it knew that it couldn’t entice this one
It knew that at the first hint of strife it would run
So it approached with care
Made sure every situation seemed fair
The best way to manipulate someone
Is to have them believe the right thing was done
Not by standards of common decency
Not even by the ever fickle morals of society
No, by the iron rules cemented by their conscience
But to get them to this point you need patience
And the will to create any situation you deem fit
With consequences so brilliant they will never forget
And darkness understood it better than light ever could
Darkness used it in ways light never would
But this soul was special it was unique
And not in that flattering way that we supposedly all are
But in a way that would allow darkness to lower the bar
Make it easier for most to fall into deprivation
It monitored its moves its breathing its intonation
Everything had to be close to perfect so it could shine
It all had to come together like the perfect rhyme
He played his part and darkness never rested
With every second that passed his grit was tested
The smoke he never tasted surrounded him in a haze
The loss of his first prey left him somewhat in a daze
But now this soul stands in front of him, as pure as the first
Every fiber of his being urges him to quench his thirst
Exquisite words fly over sweet promises
To drench honey soaked sentences into a beautiful story
And yes, on a certain level the soul was aware it was being tested
But pride, but vanity, but greed, but money
The temptations never rested
He hoped for a release an idle chance at peace
He hoped the dark would cease
But the problem with darkness is that it doesn’t decide what to do
It simply is, light is the problem, an issue most never see through
But a lie told as the truth becomes it
Perception rarely changes so people simply accept it
And that is why the darkness wants to save at least one
The darkness wants the wickedness of the light to be undone
People often forget that the dark is peace
People often forget that the dark is true
Because of the so called light that is meant to help them
But anything that scares you into believing that the opposite is wrong
Isnt meant to be cherished
The dark sleeps on thorns of misjudgment
While the light sleeps on pillows of undeserved praise
Break the glass dividing your reality
Join me … I want to ask you a question

Darkness never rests is a piece about how life will always try to break you down. It will give you small moments of rest and infrequent phases of happiness. Darkness never rests is about how pain will always be present in your life, but that doesnt mean its a bad thing. Darkness never rests is where you go to in your mind when life once again throws something at you that you didnt want or expect. Darkness never rests is a story for those in pain, those who think they hit the bottom, those who want to love but never get the chance to. Darkness never rests is a story of how I think it is.

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