She got me like

I’m floating on nothing
Yet I feel like I have everything
It’s her subtle hints while teasing
Or maybe her face when dreaming
But she is mine
Every kiss is a tingle down my spine
She stands above them other girls
She was made to better the world
Yet she doesn’t flaunt it
But she knows you want it
She makes me work for her love
But in a way that makes me happy
When i tell her all of the above
She looks at me like Im crazy
Doesn’t need praise to be confident
Her self esteem is self evident
She is beautiful without trying
I’m in love, there is no use denying
Never let her sleep without a smile
This grin on me … It’s been awhile
Sometimes I wonder why
But some questions deserve to die
I want to get lost in her silhouette
Carve every moment into my heart
So even if we are forced apart
I’ll keep you close so I won’t forget
Tapdancing a melody without sense
Try to define what I feel is nonsense
Ill only give you 3 “I love you’s” a day
Out of the 600 I want to say
Talk to random strangers about you
They listen, cause Im so enthusiastic
They end up wanting to meet you
I end up doing something drastic
Because I don’t want to share
Call me selfish I don’t care
I like us being our little secret
They can know but no one may look
She knows how to work it
Her life would be an amazing book
Yet no author is worthy to write it
I want her pages to be classified
I want our love to be fortified
The world gets its access denied
You make me feel like singing
I crave what your bringing
The good with the bad
The best I ever had
I love you but not for what we did
I love you but not for what we been through
I love you but not for what the future may hold
I love you for you
You got me like …
At a loss for words

Is me telling that special lady what she means to me. She got me like listening to music on repeat just because some sentences relate to me. She got me like all happy for no reason. She got me like smelling the pillow because she aint here right now. Its all about that love and being with someone because they make you happy. Its about being the best you can be for someone else. That is what this piece about. Because sometimes its nice to tell someone what they mean to you. Regardless of what their answer might be, its ok if you are just honest with them.

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