The sadness of your words

The edge is rugged and yet it shines with a subtle grace
The darkness at the bottom craves to find its place
Assumptions based on stories from people who evade the truth
Tales of brimstone twisted into smiles breathing sooth
But its embrace feels saver than the other holes surrounding it
Each sole purpose is to help you escape, help you forget
For memories leave a scent that the abyss hunts for
And you would rather surround yourself than have it touch your core
True darkness never breaks the mind instead it reinforces
Never move out of fear of opposing forces
The light springing forth from this fissure you are about to sleep in
Will use techniques to claim you that darkness would be condemning
Any light that tells you to jump in and ignore your life is wrong
But a drug like hope is simply too strong
And light sells itself through every sense it can find
But within the rays is something detrimental to your mind
Solitude is rarely an answer to the issue of being social
Slight errors can explode but only do so if you’re too emotional
Handle your fear instead of taking it with you into the dark
Judge yourself, for any rule or opinion will miss its mark
Standards of angels will forever fall, due to broken wings
Their feathers too heavy, laced with the consequences of what hope brings
They are swept under the darkness and thrown into the pit
Then they say that angels are sleeping in it
There is no need for stepping away from you to find you
The light inside this hole will make your fears ring true
Saving you is the last thing any hole tries to do
Keeping you in, allows the edges to remain clean
And the light ensures that any cut will remain unseen
Falling down this jagged wall will scratch your soul
And climbing back up will place you in a new role
Where hands from the light will grab and choke you
Stones and rumours will be thrown till your skin is blue
Escaping the light carries more dangers than the dark ever will
Hearing you’re about to jump, rendered my heart still
But my hand wasn’t made to reach out
And my pain can hear your pain shout
But my words never reached your waist
And all my love for you seems to be a waste
The sadness of your words run deep
To a place where hopelessness sleeps
Yet all I can do is watch, as you jump in
Watching you disappear gives me a mixed feeling
Because I want to console your words
I want to help you
I want to heal your scars
I want to dispel your fear
I am lost
Due to the sadness of your words

The sadness of your words is a piece that I felt I needed to write. Because sometimes some people say certain things that just make you said. The sadness of your words is something that you want to tell them as they say that they are about to do something. Or they are feeling a certain way. And you just arent able to help them, because you dont have the right words or you dont have the capabilities to physically help them. And that inability hurts, more than most people would care to admit. And that is why I wrote this piece. The sadness of your words is something you shouldnt experience, but if you have then this piece is one you can relate to.

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