One more dance

One more dance … One more step
I don’t want our time back
All I crave is what’s in between
Knocking down a precious dream
But I want to swing with you
Dance with you move with you
Get lost in the melody
Till everything is rendered empty
Forever stuck in an endless song
Our heartbeats synced to the drum
Revert to when we were strong
Go back to when we were dumb
Before we studied up on eachother
Before I lost a friend to a lover
Lets just stay here
in a moment we can’t define
Where hope is still above fear
And possibities run rampant
future as blank as before we met
Before everything happened
Before the destination was set
I want to dance with you
I want to forget who you are
And introduce myself again
I want every word I speak to be true
Live with you and you don’t feel far
Revive us with everything I can
I’m not ready yet so keep dancing
Tell the music to keep playing
Demand and extra key stroke
Pray for another note
Hope for just one more word
No matter how absurd
I want this to keep going
I want this to keep flowing
The lights can dim
The stars may go to sleep
The sun could lose its heat
I don’t care about a thing
I just want … No I need to be here
When the music stops it disappears
And every promise is anulled
Every emotion dulled
Every kiss is taken back
And our future fades to black
We lose what we were
And forget what we are
The pain will seep into my heart
And etch it’s name in a dark corner
It will tear logic and love apart
If not forever just a bit longer
It was just one more
But I lost myself
One last dance
One last kiss
One last time
Just give me that
Just leave me be
Let me dream
Let me love you

Sometimes you just arent ready to let it go. Because the love runs deep, and turning that into an empty spot will make the pain run deep as well. And people, or well most people, want to avoid feeling like that. Because heartache hurts a lot more than most injuries. And because of that, I wanted to create a piece that shows you that. One more dance is a request to keep close. One more dance is a piece about the love you feel as you let someone go. One more dance is that thing you want to say before you walk away. Because that One more dance is something that can give you that closure you need. One more dance is a piece about the rain you have to go through sometimes in life.

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