Be careful out there

I’m scared, I’m scared you’re gonna walk out that door and never come back
Leave my sky forever moon filled and eternally black
I’m petrified you might find out how ugly this world really is
So please dress normally and not too provocative
Because some on the opposite side, don’t see past the outside
Unable to see you for who you are, and I’m afraid that one will take their fascination too far
Programmed by TV and so called movies, the stereotype defining you was given at first glance
So please don’t give them an opportunity or a chance
Avoid walking alone, make sure you’re holding your phone
So you can record the conversation and if need be your screams
We are living in a society where your worth is not decided by you
It’s decided by those who take it away from you
They will violate your dignity and ruin your pride
Leave you with scars you will forever want to hide
And that is if they let you walk
Because the dead don’t talk
And these predators always pick the ones that stand out
Or they wait in the dark to get you when there are no witnesses about
They hate you for having what they don’t have
They want to hurt you for reasons they don’t understand
You’re nothing more than a piece of meat they want to devour
Consume what you stand for and strip you of your power
I’m asking you, no I’m begging you, be careful out there
The world is a beautiful place but it’s filled with ugly people
And to those who should help, you’re nothing more than a statistic in a system that will forever keep you as a nameless number
The sleepless nights, the tear stains on your pillow that will stay no matter how many times you switch
The lies they tell to cover it up, the games the media will play
And I’m scared, because today might be the day
That you become a statistic
A hashtag that will be forgotten after a week
A name mentioned alongside others to signify a situation
To dignify a government that no longer cares about you
I’m scared, scared you’re gonna walk out that door and never come back
Leave my sky forever moon filled and eternally black
Be careful out there

Be careful out there is me wishing for something better than we have. Be careful out there is me hoping that the people who are supposed to be protecting us, would stop hurting us. Be careful out there is the beauty of hope. And I am not really a hopeful person. But I am tired of seeing the news, I am tired of seeing the pain. I am tired of the fear in my chest as they walk by. I am tired or being in this situation that keeps perpetuating. We need to break this down, but the only way we can do that is to make a solid bond. And the only solidness they understand is the one forged by the power of money.

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