Let it go

I heard you when the victims fell
Each leaf dancing on its own breeze
Every inch of its ascension was hell
Emotions structured to spell please
My chest heavy with anxiety
My ambitions finally drowsy
My mind clouded with rage
My thoughts embedded with regret
Wrote it all down on a black page
Pain only valid while the ink is wet
I have to hurry up and move on
Eternal a myth, nothing’s that strong
Life consists of days not years
Joy shouldn’t be based on fears
Wasting moments expecting others
You’re the one in control
Redefine all that bothers
Stop depending on your soul
Let it go
Let it go
Let the waves take it away
Let silence say all it has to say
Let the dark heal the cracks
Let the light focus on what it lacks
We are holding wind in a storm
We are both in the wrong
And yet I cant forgive you
Forget what you put me through
Waves of emotions crash down
My tears have voices without sound
I still feel your residual heat
I have a ghost heart that won’t beat
I still caress the glass casing
In which the real one is residing
Keep telling myself to let it be
But my emptiness is too heavy
It weighs down with a smirk
Knowing nothing will work
Run into the night to escape you
Hide in my pillow, is all I can do
Because I am not strong enough
My wall impenetrable, not tough
It’s weird to sleep in loneliness
Cover yourself with sadness
Rest on tears mashed together
A ceiling made of “it will get better”
And all I want is to let it go
All I want is to forget
This feels like dying ever so slow
And all it took was one simple hit
I beg of me
Let it go
I beg of you
Leave me alone
Return my happiness
Let me start anew
Let me rebuild what you broke
Let me diminish the smoke
Bring me my old self
Let me be
Let it go

Let it go, because sometimes the world will just be too much to carry. Let it go, because sometimes its just not worth holding on to. Let it go, because it will always be more painful if you keep it in your heart. Let it go. That is what I keep telling myself over and over. Because I tend to keep a lot of stuff bottled up, and then I explode. Luckily I am able to explode at things worth destroying. But my fear is that I will shatter something I dont want to lose. And that is why I need to tell myself to Let it go. Because if I dont let it go, it will eat me up from the inside. It will destroy every cell that makes up the very essence of my soul. I will lose myself in my rage and in my pain. I will hate everything attached to it, and I will be someone I hate. So I need to let it go, so that I can still feel everything else. If you feel the same way, I am sure you will like this piece. And if you have a similar experience, please drop a comment and let me know.

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