Hostile Takeover

I lost my previous self, somewhere in between motivation and fun
I can hear my old self screaming that he isn’t yet done
But motivation got together with dedication and did a hostile takeover
Leaving nothing standing as they try to rebuild the future
Reanalysing every decision, restitching every suture
Trying to build a skyscraper tall enough to scratch the stars
Ignoring what it cant heal, accepting any coming scars
But problems are to be expected when your drive exceeds logic
Friends are meant to be left, however sad or drastic
But reaching greatness with normal isn’t to be done
Those who watch every step meticulously, will never be able to run
My old self understands, yet lobbies for fun, rest and company
His decisions based on emotions as he feels lonely
But hard work, never looked back at what could have been, but at will be
Keep going strong until the stuff that fills our soul runs on empty
All of them have made sacrifices, leaving behind what was previously a priority
All for a goal none of them can truly see
This is the reality of one who goes all out for the sake of a dream
This is a world few ever see, out of fear for the unknown
But those who are willing to place it all on the line, often stand alone
Restructuring their lives, reshaping the pieces to fit a new puzzle
Throwing their hand, and demanding a new shuffle
But that old self, understands yet refuses to agree
Rejects the truth that this isn’t a possibility
My old self now sits waiting in front of the building touching the sky
Holding wings that might never again fly
But dedication and motivation told him that is a risk they are willing to take
For nothing but that long walk into the night will cause their take over to break