Cant explain it

Have you ever felt something where you had to say I Cant explain it. Where everything just feels a way that it shouldnt. Where you search for words t o describe what you are going through, but end up at a “Cant explain it”. That is what this piece is about. “Cant explain it” is about loving someone, but you dont know how you got there. “Cant explain it” is about being without someone because you want to be with them, but you are unclear about the reasons why. You just love that person because that person makes you feel a certain way. You have met several people who are similar to that person. But for some reason its unique. For some reason you just love the way they do what they do. Or maybe its the things that they dont do. “Cant explain it” is about those times where you think you want to be single, but your heart doesnt feel the same. Where you just feel like you want to leave it alone, but your heart doesnt agree with you. “Cant explain it” is where you end up being in love with a person for who they are. Where you love a person because of what they do for you, and what they dont do for you. Where you love a person for how they do what they do, and how they make you feel. That hug they give you when you dont ask for it. The way they want to care for you, and hope you want to do the same for them, but dont demand it.

That is what “Cant explain it” is about. Because even if you dont want to admit it, the heart craves loves. And if you train your heart, or your heart is trained for you to not love. Your reality will always be twisted, and love will always be nothing more than a stepping stone to pain. And that is when “Cant explain it” becomes something that can frustrate you. Because you want to know what it is, that makes you love that person. So you can stop it, or you can at least know what it is, so you can love them even more. “Cant explain it” is me trying to find out what this thing called love is based on. And how you can try to be better, and how you can try to define what you love. Because as a writer, you have to be able to define everything. Because something that cant be defined with words by a writer has yet to come into existence.

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