Two words for you

Sometimes you want to thank someone for being who they are. But sometimes its hard telling someone I have “Two words for you”. Sometimes its hard to give your friend a compliment without it being about something more than just a compliment. But the beauty of being a writer is that you have just create a piece and call it “Two words for you” and actually say what you want to say without any restrictions. And that is this piece, right here. Because this piece right here is a thank you for that special friend that inspires me. That friend that shares with you those dark secrets that hurt them. Those scary whispers that pull on them at night. They confide in you and trust you enough to show them true selves. And that my dear readers is what friendship is about. Because without trust and without faith in the other person, your so called friendship would just be a “facebook connection”. And I for one am lucky enough to have some awesome people around me.

Not just awesome, but wickedly inspiring and just all round motivating. It could be because of what their creativity allows them to do. But certain friends, are just a step further than some because they are just a bit more special than others. Yes, and I am a fan of special people. I adorn people who accept who they are and not only live with it, but celebrate it. And yes, I want to say thank you, for being you. Thank you for being awesome, thank you for being courageous, thank you for showing me that there is a different way to go about things. Thank you.

Sometimes its ok  to write pieces for other people, just to show them that they are in your heart in a certain way. And even if you dont see them all the time, even if you dont talk to them everyday, they still have that place in your heart. And for that, I want to thank all those special people in my life. Preciate it folks.

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