Im a true traveller

A gold sun setting its rays on a diamond sea
The silence of serenity gripped in the palm of beauty
But only to a mind that craves more
Only to a heart that wants to hear another beat
I have packed my backpack with empty pages
Shoes stitched from stories I have been through
Squatting to look at a horizon in constant fluctuation
With no clear path in front of me
I am ready to walk to find me a beautiful story
Don’t show me pictures of paradise
Tell me why you went there
Tell me the story behind that broken smile
Walk me through the desert of your love
And tell me the agony of each pebble of sand
Ive brought my provisions to stay till youre done
My eyes are closed so I can feel your words
Without them having to fight my vision
I want to hear the stories of a life lead
I want to hear how you saved one
I want to hear how you lost one
I want every little speck of dust resting on your past
I want to travel across the edge of every scar you received
Pick apart the bricks of the wall you created
I want the stories you hid to take away when you leave
And once we are done, I will simply take them with me
They will never leave my chest, for those stories are my treasure
More precious than any gem or image you might show me
Their beauty outshines any piece of art you can put before me
Every story I have ever written is pieced together by passion
But in the end my creativity is nothing more than mere glue
Holding together words to break the routine living
But no story, no tale, no amount of imagination can measure up to reality
The ugliness that sleeps in the dark is deeper than my light can go
And that is why Im donned in travelling gear
To find my way down, and each story added is a step in the right direction
No judgement, just an ear to hear what you say
Just a heart, to feel what you felt
No programmed responses, no fake tears
Genuine interest from a traveller that wants to hear it all
Should my memory ever give out, I have faith that my heart remembers it all
The world is filled with stories no one wants to hear
Because it will force them to look at the world with different eyes
But my eyes have been blind ever since I found the truth inside of me
So I want new eyes, I want new stories, I want to hear you
I want to see what you’ve been through
I want to share your pain, because I can handle it
And I am a traveller looking for stories to show me the world

Im a true traveller is what I feel like at times. Because I am constantly in search of great stories that can inspire me. Im a true traveller is what I feel like, because I crave them, and go search for them with people who I think could be interesting. I am willing to place myself in a weird and awkward situation just to make sure I hear something great. Im a true traveller is every sense of the word, because the experiences of other people are what make the world go round.

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