I want to be famous

Most of you want to be a celebrity
Have your name go down in infamy
Have everyone cheer you name
Bask in the light called fame
Cause who wants to stay unknown
Anonymity equals being alone
Well at least for most
Being unseen equals being a ghost
Have the world adorn you with love
Is a thing nothing stands above
So much love it could fill that hole
Fix the cracks on your soul
Yes being famous should fix it all
Just like Cinderella and her ball
But here is what most forget
For every up a down comes with it
Something they realize too late
Love rarely beats hate
The media is fickle yet constant
Love is nice but hate is dominant
Maybe a rephrase is appropriate
Drama and pain
Mean a bigger monetary gain
So the bigger the impact you make
The more money the pain can make
And journalism is a dead concept
Nowadays lies upon lies are stacked
The truth has no place in the news
Fabricating is how they pay dues
People believe what they see on tv
Even if its just pure fantasy
Cause the destruction of a celebrity
Is the main goal of this century
If you want to be in the publics eye
Never steal never tell a lie
Never stab someone in the back
Unless its on the way up they dig that
Yet still dream big but be aware
This world is a lot but its not fair
Your ambitions are lined with envy
Your dreams stand on others
Feel the anguish of a mind gone
All for a sense to belong
You are a leaf wanting to be a tree
Craving to become legendary
Tap your fingers on their pain
Till the sound drives them insane
Incorporate it into your creativity
Feed it to your insanity
Consume it all and convert it
Abuse every relationship
Distort the truth to suit you
Lie to get what is coming to you
manipulate what you can control
Destroy what you cant
Leave behind the notion of easy
Dismiss friendship and loyalty
Become a true celebrity
Smile in public and cry in private
And never forget you’re not alone
No privacy not even at home
And millions want your spot
They crave what you got
This is the world you wanted
This is the reality you craved
Walk it with tear stained eyes
Go through it naked and ashamed
Keep it all in till they move on
Till they forget about you
And you’re nothing but a memory
An icon of a generation forgotten
Play your part … And play it well
Your 15 minutes are coming up
Enjoy them … Enjoy them

This is the world that we live in. Because celebrities are close to being gods in their own rights. And people always want to become loved and adorned by loads of people. And they often tend to think, that love from strangers will be able to replace the love they lack in real life. And some just crave that spot light, because its a huge rush to get that position. And make all that money, so you dont have to worry about all those others things, you go through while being broke.