They say that there is something about me

There must be something about me
Something that resounds in infinity
A diamond line at the edge of my insanity
A pool of love at the extreme end of an endless pit of darkness
I assume they see something I refuse to witness
They hear a whisper of a heartbeat I no longer own
Where in a single moment they don’t want to leave me alone
Hold hands with fingertips scarred by the fire of passion
Where they assume they can come in without asking
This is what I go through
This is what they tell me I do
Mixed signals and false adoration dipped in empty kisses forever elusive yet enticing
This is what they tell me I do
They fall in love with a promise never given
They dismiss words repeatedly, and yet I need to be forgiven
I tend to spin a web I have no clue I spun
And regardless of the warnings, they never run
They keep thinking that pinning down the wind can be done
With open arms I bask in the sun that is a great conversation
With eyes that never opened I try to look inside of you
With hands that never felt like my own, I try to hold onto you
I try to sit in dirt and call it earth
Ignore it as if it never hurt
They think I’m sweet, think I’m something they can help or save
And I’m lucky, cause I keep finding souls so brave
But I’m a damaged soul, a broken heart and a twisted mind
I am nothing more than a fond memory you should leave behind
And yet, they stay, they crave a normal conversation where sex isn’t the key
They never met someone who listen without a second agenda, it’s crazy
Is the world truly that dark, has the sun truly lost its shine
Have we finally broken down every aspect of common decency
Where a conversation is a rarity
Where a regular friendship is considered insanity
Where me listening to you, makes you fall in love with me
Has the world truly been rendered this empty
There is nothing about me
I’m not special, I’m not unique but I damn sure aint normal
And yet it seems they think, that there is something about me
But there is not
If I say I like you, I mean every letter
If I say I enjoy being with you, I believe every emotion behind it
But why is it that we can’t talk and flirt without it being about something
Why can’t we just be friends that are NOT fucking
They say that there is something about me
I think it’s the fact that I’m crazy
I think it’s the fact that I listen
I think it’s the fact that I react in a different way
I think it’s because of something I can’t yet say
But they say, there is something about me
How sad…

Some pieces just are what they are, and should be accepted for what they are without an explanation behind it.