No rest for the wicked

No rest for the wicked is me showing you that fighting these stereotypes can be really tiresome. Because without doing a darn thing, you have to prove yourself. And I already did something similar, but nowadays I tend to watch for subtle hints of people. And how they react to my presence. And a LOT of times, they tend to just assume who I am, and who I am similar to. The issue with that is that I tend to look one way, that might scare people. But once you have a normal conversation with me, you will notice that I am just a regular crazy dude. But everytime I have to do it again, and the biggest issue is that sometimes I dont even get the chance. Because people tend to decide on my personality and being, without even getting the chance to know me. Of course I am talking about the people who get scared just when I walk towards them. The people who move their bags to the other side. Or the people who move to the other side of the street when they see me coming.

Its at a point, where I feel like i might just have dress EXTREMELY white to make sure people dont get scared when they see me. Look EXTREMELY western business like, so people assume that I am safe, because I dressed correctly … according to their standards of how you should look. Now I might redo this piece, and make it a whole piece with more words to it, and a bit more emotions and thoughts into it. Because now it just looks like I am losing a battle without even being offered the chance to throw a punch. And that is in a way truly sad and kind of depressing.

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