Eternally Heartbroken

I wanted to see whet would happen if I didnt write down a single word. If all I did was give myself a frame, give myself a concept, give myself something to stick to. And what would happen if I just let my emotions talk. I didnt want to write a piece that was limiting my pain in any way shape or form. So I decided to let it all go, and just talk from the heart. This is what came out of it, I learned that I tend to love halfheartedly because I am afraid of heartbreak. But this is nothing new, because most of us will have that feeling in us one way or another. But understanding that you do it, and understanding that you are living with a constant fear is a huge step into solving it. Because if you dont know who and what you are, you wont be able to be what you want to be.

So me knowing that I am holding a glass heart in my chest, is a sad sad thing, but its good that I figured it out. See, sometimes you just have to talk, without thinking. Talk without restricting yourself, and just let yourself be who you want to be. This is what you get when you leave me be, and let my words take the road they want to take. So this is what you may call a freestyle, a delivery of words that have no set path, a stream of consciousness that you werent aware was there. This is the beauty of words. And I kind of like this one. It isnt as energetic as the previous ones, but it is just as real as the others. The only difference is that this time I didnt know how to feel while saying this. I didnt know how to show you my words, so all I could do was just talk.

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