I don’t know who I am

Jagged pebbles filled with abandoned dreams are littered across a life tattooed by darkness.

Empty hopes, reach for stars that never shined and eternally crash on nothingness

With eyes that never even glanced at the light, yet in constant amazement by the marvels of the night

Wandering through a city with skyscrapers of pity, a pavement of lost soul where love hides within its cracks.

Where screams of solitude are welcomed as music, and the pain of the forgotten is the underscore for their joy.

At times your heartbeat is the only silence you can hear, a world where noise equals safety is too scary to imagine

A reality where hope is your only backbone for living, is one forgotten by the gods

The dangers of dreaming lie in the removal of comfort, and I have gone blind because I can no longer see past my tears

Ive lost my voice to the wind, my ambitions to the rain, and everything I once was to a sun that never blessed me with a ray

Im stranded on a beach with no rest haven from the waves and without a heart to swim

Ive lost all my eyelashes making a wish and Ive collapsed both my lungs blowing them away

Im in the middle of a crowd, looking for a stranger to talk to, having a conversation with myself hoping someone will jump in

Pushing the walls of my mind closer, only to jump in and complain about the tight space

Restricting my own movements, while trying to fly, screaming at clouds that smiled at me with sheer empathy that I mistook for interest

Im too simple for a world filled with puzzles, too naïve to even recognize a mystery, I am a contradiction asleep in a bed of self-hatred, cowering beneath a blanket of fear

I am praying that everyone notices me, but no one sees me

I am one sigh away from falling asleep in a dark no one ever tasted

I don’t know who I am sometimes


I don’t know who I am sometimes, is a thing most of us are familiar with. Because a lot of us, or lets say most of us, are looking for a purpose. A reason for why they should do thing, or just a reason for living. But all of that, seems pretty far fetched if you dont know who you are and what you want. And for some reason, that is the most difficult question some people just cant answer. And because of that, they tend to lash out, get frustrated and simple go crazy. Some try to avoid the question all together, and just try to drown the answer in other problems. Such as drinking or smoking or what have you. Some even try to kill the question by just making up a fake answer, or lying to themselves what the answer truly is. “I don’t know who I am” is something you need to find out about yourself. “I don’t know who I am” is something you need to ask yourself, and then try to answer. Without lying to yourself or to the world, and for damn sure make sure that you dont come up with an answer you think the WORLD wants to hear. This is about you!!!

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