Learning Without Knowledge

Learning Without Knowledge is a concept that a lot of people go through. But a lot of people arent aware they are going through it. They are being trained to think a certain way, behave a certain way and just BE a certain way. And that is what I deem “Learning Without Knowledge”. Because by implementing that people should be a certain way, and should like certain things, they are shaping society. And the backlash that arises from that is something they once again cover. And try to present it as something bad, instead of something they themselves created. The issue is that most people never realize they have been programmed, and when they do, its often too late. That is why I want people to fight the power, and fight this concept of “Learning Without Knowledge”. Because it will allow you to think for yourself. It will allow you to build your own mind frame. And create your own reality. Instead of being handed one, by people who feel nothing for you. Who see you as nothing but a part in a useless machine (unless you generate money of course.)

So that is why I wrote this piece “Learning Without Knowledge”. I might go back and write a longer one for this, because now I had to make sure I was within the 30 seconds allotted to me. And Learning Without Knowledge is something that falls on the shoulders of the parents in my opinion. And if your parents are or were a lost cause, its up to you to reeducate yourself on what your world is and what you call reality. Because never EVER should you let an image that was given to you, decide what you cant and can do. I want to make sure that everyone understand that Learning Without Knowledge is a dangerous tool, that forces society to go certain ways and think certain things. It would be great if people could decide for themselves, what is what, without being presented a constant image of what they should deem to be valuable or desirable. Learning Without Knowledge is something you have to fight against, its something you have to burn down. So once you find a program or media that is offering the ever famous “Learning Without Knowledge” concept, turn it off or ban them all together.