Passion gone wrong

It was in the middle of the night
He cut off all the lights
He just sat there, waiting for an idea to hit him
Then it occurred, the weirdest thing
All of his days, he slaved away to leave his mark on a single page
But all his rage and pain was the setting to his coming stage
He decided that if he wanted to be remembered
All of his attachments will have to be severed
He will have to let go of society
And step above what they deemed morality
If his creativity couldn’t make him legendary
Then what choice did they leave him but insanity
If they wanted to drive him crazy
They succeeded marvellously
They ignored all of his work, and art
He gave it his all, tore his soul apart
And yet he was left standing in the dark
So he decided to embrace it, and depart
He never wanted to kill, he just wanted normality
He just wanted to fit in, have friends, be happy
But nothing was granted, so he chose the next best thing
He would let the bells of hell ring
He would set free, a dark he tried to ignore
A slumbering passion, an untasted core
The whispers he pretended never to hear
Were now coming through, crystal clear
He was going to leave his mark by preventing others
Would proof that he and the most vile were brothers
But a simple gun, wouldn’t do the trick
No, he needed more, needed a gimmick
He needed something that would shock generations
Something that could bring down nations
He watched all of the greats, and took notes
Evasion, planning, written quotes
Police policies and loopholes
Rituals about consuming souls
He wanted to incorporate the macabre to increase fear
He wanted to attack something they hold dear
And religion is a stake forever etched in stone
So he would remove flesh, and reorganize bone
He would go all the way, and copy them all
Every serial killer, big and small
He would use all their techniques under one banner
For every kill he would use a different manner
From simple to exquisite
From beautiful to horrific
For 10 years, his run would go
And due to his routine, none would ever know
He killed over 700 men and women and never got caught
He was never blamed for the hell he brought
The cops never caught on, that it was one man
The method of kills were too diverse to be planned
At least according to them
So now he sits, staring at a dark screen
As if he is caught in a bad dream
HOW THE HELL did he get away with 700 kills and no one cares
The greatest serial killer of all time, but no one knows he was there
Still caught in the dark, still not on any page
So he sits in the dark, staring, while mumbling in rage

I wanted to write a story. I wanted to write a piece about someone losing himself to himself. I wanted a piece where Passion gone wrong is the underlying theme. Because with a Passion gone wrong comes the pain of realization. And that pain is something that can break most men, or bring the fear of life into others. So a Passion gone wrong is something that can happen to most of us. Passion gone wrong is something that has already become a part of your life, even if you didnt realize it yet. Because we all have dreams that we forgot, or never chased. So a Passion gone wrong is something we should all be familiar with.

In case you liked this piece, I am sure you will like the pieces in this book as well.