I believe in you

Sometime you just want someone to tell you, that they have faith in you. That you can do whatever you set your mind to, that you are strong enough to achieve your goals. That no matter how hard it gets, you can get past it. You are more than a simple or fickle urge. You are someone strong enough to not give up when the going gets tough. Sometimes its just nice to have someone say “I believe in you”. Because with the simple statement of someone saying “I believe in you”, it can fire you up in ways you never imagined. Because now you not only have to carry your own dreams, but also the hope people have placed on you. This is the responsibility you have to wear if you truly wish to become a “dream chaser”. So dont take someone saying “I believe in you” lightly, because its them saying that they want you to succeed. They expect you to get through the hard times, they expect you to live up to your initial ambitions. Because “I believe in you” is a statement that shows that they want to see you set forth a path, they or others can follow in.

I believe in you is a piece where I want to motivate others. Its a piece where I want to say my own motivation out loud, so I can listen to it over and over. Because at times, even my dedication and motivation run on empty. And thats when the power of will, steps in and talks to me. I tried my best to convert that conversation into a 30 seconds piece. The reason I wanted to keep it at 30 seconds, is because I want to use this as a Youtube Preroll video. To see what kind of effect it will have. I want to condense my message in a way that its easily consumed, and appreciated. So if you want to tell someone “I believe in you”, keep in mind that you are adding to the pressure. Because a simple “I believe in you” is worth more than most will ever know. And a simple “I believe in you” can become a solid stronghold that can keep that person going. So if you see someone going for their dream, if you see someone chasing their dreams. Let them know, by telling them “I believe in you”.

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