Stay with me

This isn’t love but I got emotional
I lost myself, it wasn’t intentional
It was somewhere between a kiss
And eyes that made me reminisce
A passion I long put to sleep
Our connection was too deep
With each second craved more time
A blank slate and open mind
Every curve wrote a paragraph
Every motion a sentence
A story with a clear path
The beauty of passions raw essence
I’m not good with falling
Holding hands or constant calling
But i want you to stay with me
I won’t say this is so unlike me
Didn’t know me before last night
But this feels good beyond right
Don’t leave just kiss me
Let’s love till our hearts run empty
Don’t think, just need
Let’s oversaturate the deed
Let’s burn up our spark
And in the ashes leave our mark
Let our shadows write on the wall
Till our story is engraved in the dark
You’ve given me a piece, I want it all
I want picnics in a park
I want introductions to friends
I want to argue and make amends
I want to fight to keep you
Stretch this moment past forever
Keep every word and kiss true
Look at love as more than an endeavor
It might sound weird
Maybe even crazy
But what I am trying to ask is
Won’t you stay with me?

Stay with me is a piece inspired by that Sam Smith record. I found myself listening to the record, and all of a sudden my fingers felt the need to write. And that is how Stay with me was born. Sometimes I tend to lose  myself in my impulses, so Im liable to say stuff like Stay with me. And what I wrote is what sometimes goes through my mind. But then reality sets in, and you have to go with your feelings or with your mind. But nevertheless “Stay with me” is something most of us want to say. But are too scared or too timid to express. So for that special someone, if you are reading this, it means that you are the one I want to ask “will you Stay with me?”. I also tried to keep my sentences to a minimum, to ensure that I wouldnt lose anyone reading it. And as a small challenge to myself. So Stay with me is a request from a weak romantic and a hungry writer.

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