Djoezz – Vlijmscherp

This is the second video clip I did for this guy. So I am proud to present Djoezz – Vlijmscherp. The concept behind this one is that the Jig Saw killer kidnapped him. And is he wants to get out alive, he will have to rap. So to escape the sharp guillotine swinging above his head, he will have to drop some good bars. And that is how we got to the concept of Djoezz – Vlijmscherp. This is what Dutch Rap is, this is for those who are looking for some good Netherlands Hip Hop. You might not understand a thing, but I am sure that you will get the feeling of what we are trying to convey in the video.

And if you dont want to understand, you can just enjoy the visuals to a video that tried to be dark but compelling at the same time. So with all that said, here is Djoezz – Vlijmscherp written and directed by yours truly. I always enjoy creating creative music videos that can inspire you, one way or another. And this video required a certain amount of creativity to make it worth it. And that is what we did. So after watching Djoezz – Vlijmscherp make sure you share it, and dont forget to subscribe or follow. I got it all so make sure you use it all.

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