Before we were slaves (Tell me a story)

This is a piece I have been wanting to write. The reason why is because people always tend to refer to slavery as the starting point of our people. Which is absolute nonsense, and that is why I came up with Before we were slaves (Tell me a story). Because I want us to fill in the gaps in our history. I want us to create stories that will be heard around the world. I want us to write the books they burned, I want us to fill in the history they decimated. I want us to define who we were Before we were slaves, and that is why you have to tell me a story. A story that can rile up the code in my DNA, as it recognizes the greatness it has been taught to forget. Before we were slaves there were tales we used to tell, and I am certain a part of us remind them, so Tell me a story.

I believe that if we are able to redefine, who we were, we can redefine who we are. Because perception of self, can work wonders for those who believe they are without value. Now I usually dont try to preach at people, but this one is one I believe in as a writer. Because everyone has a history written down somewhere. And because we never claimed our history, because they told us it didnt exist. They can run away with it, and claim it as their own, without shame. Which is pretty damn disgusting if you ask me. But that is only if you ask me. So the point of this piece Before we were slaves (Tell me a story) is to inspire you to write something. To create a story, a tale of who we were and what we did. How we loved, how we died, how we fought and the rules we used to abide by. I would love to see the stories they tried to erase. I would love to hear the tales of our myths being told before kids go to sleep. I would love it … so thats why I am asking for it.

Before we were slaves (Tell me a story) … in other words, Tell me a story of how it was, and who we were Before we were slaves. Can you?

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