When we grew up

Remember when you just accepted everything
And remembering what not to do, was the key thing in avoiding a bad ass whooping
How eating your veggies made sure you grew up strong
It had nothing to do with genetics, no they couldn’t be wrong
Or how a big fat man broke in to leave stuff
Or a big monster bunny leaving eggs, it couldn’t be weird enough
OR the myth of a starving kid in Africa if I didn’t finish my meal
As if he is sitting there thinking about me not eating my meal
And is he still hungry when parents throw away what they can’t eat
Or did he only exist when it involved me
And how school grades are key in getting a good education
Even if in 5 years you won’t remember, or need a thing from that same education
But you believe them because … why would they lie
They feed me, comfort me when I cry
So why would they lie
Until you grow up and realize these mf’ers are just guessing what to do
Following along with society’s standards and repeating what they been through
Not one original thought while raising me
Lied to me every chance they got, this shit is crazy
Made me believe life was supposed to be easy
And that lie is still the underlying theme of most people their reality
And then get surprised when teenagers rebel, and stay mad for years
It’s because they figured out you’ve been lying to them for years
Sounds logical to me, I was pissed too
Since all teens are pissed it must be something all parents do
But the question is why
Why lie to me
Why not just tell me you love me, and that’s why you bought presents for me
Why not just tell me should eat my veggies cause its healthy
Why not just tell me the Easter bunny is nonsense but it stems from religion
Childhood memories shouldn’t be based on deception
But I bet you disagree
Anything is fair game as long as your child is happy
But now that you’re grown don’t you ever sit and wonder … Exactly when did these people stop lying to me
Or is that just me?

When we grew up everything was different. When we grew up the internet wasnt there to debunk every lie they would throw at us. When we grew up we didnt have a backdrop of knowledge thrown at us on the tv. Because when When we grew up there was still something of imagination and fantasy allowed. When we grew up creativity allowed us to believe in those silly lies. When we grew up hope was still prevalent and lets be honest here, none of us would have thought they would be liars. And that is where this piece came from. The beauty of people who want you to tell the truth, but lie to your face. Its a beautiful thing to see, when hypocrisy is justified as a tool of creating something.

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