Red Dress

She wore this red dress

She whispered when she spoke as if she didn’t want to disturb anyone

Never did she finish a smile, her grin was a constant one

As if she was hiding behind a mask someone told her was beautiful

Her eyes hid behind wrinkles that proclaimed the world dull

It’s hard to explain the pain that I felt as I watched her

Her slow stride was as if she was expected a disaster to occur

But it was her smile with that red dress that captivated me

The elegance of her fingertips hid a slight sense of insanity

This open and seemingly lovely lady was truly mesmerizing

And if you were caught unaware, you wouldn’t notice she was lying

You would have missed the subtle signs, the slick hints

The way she prevented leaving finger prints

Or maybe it’s just my paranoia awakening

She was just too perfect, to be a real thing

Her hips swayed to a beat meant to hypnotize

Most men looked down, but I was still caught in her eyes

And that damn red dress

Perhaps I should confess

I wanted more than her name or age

I wanted things one can’t find on a page

But the moment she touched me I lost

All logic was tossed and I was caught

She played me like she did all of us

But for some reason that wasn’t enough

Perhaps I offended her by not falling at first sight

Maybe she just felt extra wicked that night

But her charms drowned me

Never have I felt so happy in my misery

I wanted to run away, just so I could run back

I wanted to forever stay on this track

I was so close to touching that red dress with tainted fingers

And even now, her perfume still lingers

Her fragrance still haunts me, never have roses smelled this vile

Yet, even in my disgust I smile

I am lost … in search of a dress never seen

I’m searching for perfection extremely unclean

Banging my head against a wall of memories

All the seconds that will tick are now enemies

Trying to take away what I know of her

But I recite it all, repeatedly, just for her

So that when we meet again

I will have a step up on the other men

She was a lady in red, a diamond amongst stones

A heart in the midst of bones

Love at first sight

An exquisite night

I never caught her name, never caught her lips, yet she was the best

She was my lady in a red dress

Have you ever been in love at first sight? Perhaps I had a dream where I saw a lady in a Red Dress and was never the same. This Red Dress might have captivated me more than I expected. Because the lady in the Red Dress just flowed out of my fingers. This is one of those stories where my mind/fingers wanted to tell a story and didnt feel like it should inform my creativity. So this piece is a story, straight from my fingers. And this Red Dress piece, is what was born from that creativity. Who knows, if maybe one day, I will meet the real lady in a Red Dress. Which would be beautiful, because a Red Dress is pretty nice to look at.

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