A Generation of Liars

I hate niggers

Every Muslim is a terrorist

Gay people are faggots

Light skinned people are better humans

This is how some people feel

This is what they would say if their real emotions were laid bare for you to see

And thanks to the internet we get to see the real face of humanity

All its repressed racism and hatred for each other is vented

This is where all those years of oppression are mended

In plain sight  disgusting comments vile statements but to me its honesty

Instead of this fake mask people are forced to wear

When did it become a law that you have to care

I prefer everyone to just be truthful

Because now we punish those who speak their mind

The ones who speak from their racist hearts

We force them to stand in front of the public’s eye and apologize

A bullshit apology for honest emotions it’s insanity

But before that apology there is a meeting

I wonder what they tell you

Right after you’ve gone viral

Right after the realization that it spiraled out of control

When you’re words reached every household

And yours is a story repeatedly told

What do they tell you in in that little room

Do they sit you down and give you a script they prepared for you

Or do they tell you to speak from the heart

Nah because that was the start in the first place

Now we are doing damage control saving face

We have to hold a press conference

We have to ensure people see your sincerity

Everyone knows its a lie but you still have to do it

Because after that the people will forgive you

What exactly is the message here

Don’t say anything that might offend someone and if you get caught just apologize and its OK

So in other words it’s OK to be racist as long as you don’t get caught

Well I’m tired of it

All were doing is raising a generation of liars

People who need to hide their real intentions behind a facade of being politically correct

People who smile in your face but silently despise

Think about it we live in a world where we don’t just accept but expect to be told lies

Hell we even invented guidelines

The proper way to be

Just once I would like to get a mail telling me I didn’t get the job cause I’m black

The reason you crossed the street is because I’m big and have dreads

The reason you gripped your purse tighter is because your scared

Just once I would love for the police to stop me and tell me I look suspicious simply because I’m black

That he wants to hurt me choke me out and then take me back

Just once i would love to live in a world of honesty

Instead of always guessing which is which

Just once

This piece is called A Generation of Liars because I feel like that is what we are creating here. A Generation of Liars is what our kids will be, if they seeing us accepting lies as the truth. A Generation of Liars is what we currently are, after years of a society telling us that we can simply apologize for our mistakes EVEN if we don’t mean it. A Generation of Liars is what this world will revolve around, A Generation of Liars is what this society will be built upon, and its sad. Truly sad that we expect people to lie. Its sad that we expect people to deceive us. So I want to fight this generation of liars. I don’t want to have A Generation of Liars in charge of society. I don’t want to have A Generation of Liars deceiving us with nonsense.

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